About OzFinance

OzFinance is not just another finance company, we are a truly client centric organisation. We fund the ambitions, growth and success of Australian individuals and businesses alike.

Who We Are

What if you could combine the very best in client service with the very best finance solutions? Welcome to OzFinance. We are an Australian finance company dedicated to doing things better.

We are a group of finance professionals that is passionate about helping clients big and small. At OzFinance we combine technology and old fashion service to give our clients a truly exceptional offering.


Our Mission

We aim to be a one stop provider of market leading funding solutions to Australian businesses and individuals. Our business will meet the needs of our clients throughout their lifecycle.

By conducting ourselves with integrity, trust and professionalism we will deliver the best holistic results for our clients and the community.

There is good finance and bad finance. Good finance enhances the value of businesses and the wealth of individuals. Let us take you on a journey of good finance.
Years in Business
Millions In Funding
States We Cover
Clients Serviced

OzFinance By The Numbers

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